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Frequently asked questions

What should I expect on our first visit?

On your first visit please ensure that your pup is up to date on all vaccinations. the Groomer or a staff member will meet you and your dog to get an assessment of their temperament and have a consultation.

Does Someone stay overnight?

If a dog is with us for our Stay Over Fun Service. One of our Staff Members will always be with the animals.

Do you separate big and small dogs

Yes. We separate dogs by size and temperament. No matter what we will always do what we believe is best for the health and safety of your pet.

Can I wait for my dog?

Most dogs become excited when they see their owners and might become stressed because they can't get to them. To avoid any stress we recommend that you don't stay while they get groomed or bathed.

Will my dog be supervised?

Yes. Dogs will always be supervised for their safety while in our hands.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.


  • No matter the weather, all dogs need to be groomed. it is important to know that grooming does not always mean a haircut; bath and brush are also available to keep your furry family mat and tangle-free.

  • Dogs with extremely matted hair, very thick coats or temperamental personalities may be subject to supplementary charges if additional time and extra care are required. if we determine your dog's coat is too severely matted, we will suggest it be clipped instead to avoid undue pain or discomfort to the dog.

  •  Grooming services will take a certain amount of time depending on the temperament, size and if matted.

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